Monday, November 28, 2011

Women Painting Women

The photo doesn't give it justice but it isn't finished yet and I am just enjoying the textured background before I finish it. Once again my fascination with turbans.

Secret Garden

I was given this pattern by one of my students and had to do it straight away. Usually I draw up my own patterns but this one was so beautiful I couldn't resist it, she is so graceful smelling a rose in her secret garden.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Title undecided yet

Village People

This is not my normal style but I have been playing around with some different techniques which I am really enjoying. I haven't put on the encaustic wax yet but will post new photos when I do. I love the one on the left, they look like they are on their way back from church.
Pewter Tissue box cover

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fat Sue

FAT SUE R (Price on request) 1.00m x 120cm
This painting is a complete conterfeit. The original artist was Lucien Freud, grandson of Sigmund. I saw this painting in a newspaper a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it, promising to paint it for myself one day. It just makes me smile and relax in my own skin. The painting sold for a wopping 17,000,000 pounds! One of the highest prices for a living artist, it sold on auction at in London. for more details.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hi there.

Please forgive me, but some of these photo's are not very good but now that I have the gallery up and running I promise to improve on the quality of pictures that I put up here.
For those of you who do not know, I work full time as an artist and I am only too happy to do commissions. Most of these pictures have been sold already but I do have some in storage which I will be adding in the next week or so, just need to take some good photo's. I hope you enjoy.
Oh and I forgot to mention, I am giving Pewter lessons at the Seed Pod why not come over and say hello.

 A Peaceful Sleep.
This painting is featured in my book but what is interesting is that the original does not have these shadows. While I was painting her I put the painting outside under the trees to dry and the shadows created by the sun shinning through the leaves creates a really peaceful painting. (This painting is no longer available, it was given to the trauma counsellor who helped me recover from the PTS that I had suffered with for 10years.)


I read the book White Oleander several years ago which is where the inspiration for this painting came from. She doesn't look as sad and unhappy as the character in the book though.

Sego Dancers in Mauritius
The picture doesn't do the painting justice I will try and download a better photo when I have some time.
Oil on canvas 1mtr x 750

Spanish Dancers
Oil on canvas 1 mtr x 750  R3950

Playful Leopard

This painting is in my private collection.

The great escape.

Oil on canvas a meter wide.
I have this painting in my private collection. It is not for sale unless the price is right !

Playing with fire

Not for sale
There is a story behind this painting which I am unable to share.

My daughter

Not for sale.

Silent Surrender

Oil on canvas SOLD

The Fisherman

Oil on canvas SOLD

Warrior and Miriam

Encaustic oil on canvas SOLD

Oil on a wooden canvas with Pewter. SOLD

Somalia Market

I wanted to show the process of this piece which was the first 'real' painting that I ever did. Prior to 1997 I was always artistic but had never ventured into trying to do a painting in oils. I went to a couple of classes with an excellent teacher and this was my first project, to produce a replica of a photo. We had to choose a picture that was very busy, had I known why, I wouldn't have chosen something quite so difficult. You can see in the top right corner a piece of paper with a hole in the middle, well the whole painting had to be painted in that hole, moving anywhere around the canvas, until eventually the painting is finished. It was quite a challenge I must say!

Oil on canvas 1metre wide x 750. Not for sale.

Morrocan Sky

This painting is in my lounge but it is NOT for sale because I could do with a change. I do have a Moroccan theme in my home so the bold colours work well with my furnishings.
The story behind this painting is interesting. One evening during a very stressful time in my marriage, my husband and I had a huge argument and I had so much steam to let off, I went into my studio and took tubes of paint and just began to paint from side to side in layers. As I began to calm down the colours became lighter and lighter and finished with the white in the middle. I have really enjoyed this painting it means a lot to me. New life comes from darkness.
This is a copy of a very well known artist. I did the painting for a friend. As soon as I find this painting I will post the original artists work.

You shall know the truth.

Not for sale.
This was one of my early works. I didn't have the right materials so I had to use what I had which was oil on wood. This is one of my favourites and reminds me very much of my mother, which is why I am not selling it.

Dinner is about to be served.

LEOPARD 70 X 1.20m
Oil on canvas. Size huge, almost the size of a door SOLD

Enhanced in Photoshop. Copies of this painting can be reproduced on canvas any size.


These two little paintings were also an experiment. The canvas was covered with tissue paper and then covered with gesso. Standing back to see if I could see anything, all I did was paint these two little figures being blown away in the wind, adding shrunken news paper. To shrink the news paper, I just scruntched it up in my hand making it as small as possible.
(Not for sale)

No means NO

This painting is the size of a door, when it was almost finished it fell over and if you look carefully in the top right corner you can see a mark where it went through the back of a chair! I want to paint it again, so for now it sits in the carport.


This was a painting I did as an experiment. Once the painting was finished it was covered with bees wax which really shows all the texture. Not happy with it, I eventually painted over the whole canvas.

Table Mountain

Oil on canvas 6" x 6" SOLD

Blouberg Seascape

                                        Oil on canvas painting measures about 60cm x 40cm

Balancing act.

Life is a balancing act. This painting was done in 2000 when my marriage was hanging in the balance. It felt as though any moment it would all fall appart... it did, but the painting survived. I love this painting it now belongs to one of my daughters.
This is not the best picture I have of this painting, I will have to try and find a better one. It was a commission for Doctors rooms. The reception area had an enourmous ornate silver framed mirror and the chairs were formal high back chairs with silver leaf. I wanted to do something to fit in with the colour scheme but a painting that would not attract too much attention, after all it was for a Psychiatrist.